A Useful Cleaning Tip

If you’ve got kids in your house then you probably feel like you are always cleaning. I know that my wife and I feel this way!

This morning I was cleaning the kitchen. I’ve lately become more critical of all the junk that people buy, which creates waste. With cleaning supplies, I really prefer to keep it simple and not buy products that are built for one purpose. I prefer vinegar to clean surfaces, floors, etc. I like to use baking soda to scrub sinks, and stuff like that.

photo-117But we still have disposable stuff like those oh-so-popular disinfectant wipes. With so many people worried about Swine Flu and other germs, I bet we’re in good company. My wife loves to buy these things to clean counter tops, etc. Then they get thrown away. I’ve included a picture here of the brand we buy from Costco.

After we finish using the wipe to disinfect a surface, I have started to re-use them for the nasty, dirty jobs around the house.

Today, for example, I grabbed the “used” wipe after my wife was finished cleaning the counter. It was still in perfect shape so I rinsed it and got to work.

Wipe after heavy useHere’s what I cleaned using ONE single wipe (and plenty of rinsing). And here’s a picture of the wipe AFTER having done all that work. Notice it held up to a lot of punishment!

  1. I scrubbed two kitchen sinks with baking soda
  2. I cleaned the grime off our gas range
  3. I cleaned off all the nasty dust and grime from the kick board under the cabinets
  4. I removed the plastic grate from the bottom of the fridge and washed it off, including washing

If you buy disinfectant wipes, please don’t throw them away after a 5-second counter wipe-down. Rinse it off and find some other nasty cleaning job you can use it for THEN throw it away. You’d never want to use a dish cloth to clean dust and grime, and it is a hassle to keep a separate wash cloth just for the nasty stuff … so using disinfectant wipes is the perfect alternative.

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