Earn 75% Commission When You Promote “Talking To Toddlers”

Earn 75% Commission When You Promote “Talking To Toddlers”


My audio course, “Talking To Toddlers” successfully helps parents reduce the stress of parenting. The sales page also converts visitors into sales quite well, allowing you to make the most of your promotion efforts.

Things You Need to Know as an Affiliate


  • I’ve added an upsell that converts at 40%. Late in 2011 I added a potty training guide as an upsell. Clickbank’s PitchPlus feature offers this upsell to customers automatically after they purchase the main Talking to Toddlers product. It’s converting at about 40%, meaning you earn MORE per sale than before.
  • New Automated Webinar tool boosts sales further. In 2011 I introduced an automated webinar for my own leads. I tested it by sending the registration link to my list. The webinar teaches awesome content and then offers the course + the upsell product included as a free bonus. It’s converting very well. See details below on how to use this tool.
  • New graphics for promotion: I’ve had new banners designed for the main website and for the automated webinar. I’ve included a bunch of them in the graphics section below.

Promotional Tips

Once you’ve signed up (free) for an account with Clickbank, you simply need to drive traffic to my website. Your sales are tracked by Clickbank and you are paid directly by Clickbank. Commission is 75% on all products that I sell. ClickBank is the largest and most well-known digital product marketplace on the planet.

The most successful affiliates are those who build real trust with their audience and genuinely are interested in helping others. Believe me, this comes across in your communication and improves click through rates, and sales. I would avoid hard-pressure sales tactics. Understand the needs of the audience (parents who are stressed out and aren’t sure how to get their toddlers to listen & behave), and offer them my website as a solution.

To Become an Affiliate:

1) Join ClickBank. It takes 2 minutes to create your account. See the link below in case you are not yet a member.

2) Create your affiliate link (also called “hoplink”). Once you are a Clickbank member, you will have a specific affiliate ID. Use this ID to create your hoplink below.

3) Use your affilate link to promote the audio course on your blog, website, to your email list, using Google Adwords, etc.

Automated Webinar Promotion

To use the automated webinar, you’ll need to send leads to the registration page. Your affiliate ID will be embedded in your link, and the system I’m using will then embed your affiliate link into the “Add to Cart” button that shows up during the actual webinar or the replay. This ensures you get paid for your traffic.

Here is a link to the webinar registration page:

Important: Make sure you use your ACTUAL Clickbank ID when you send your leads to this link. You can cloak this link with any method that you like (PHP redirect, Pretty Links plugin for wordpress, whatever).

I suggest that you promote the webinar on Facebook, Twitter, on your blog, via email, or any other way that you think you can reach interested people. The webinar is heavy on content so your leads will learn and enjoy the content. They won’t feel pressured, but they likely WILL buy. The conversion on the webinar is absolutely incredible.

Some graphics you may wish to use:
300×250 Inline Rectangle:


Here is the e-cover for the product. You might want to make use of this in your promotion efforts:

Explore all available banner sizes through this link

Explore all graphics to promote the webinar through this link

Join My Affiliate Email List

The best way to make more money promoting Talking to Toddlers is to join my affiliate newsletter. Remember, I’m a marketer just like you and I’ll happily share tricks and tips to make us both more money. Unlike many of the gurus out there I will NOT abuse this list with a pile of promotions to sell you “stuff”. No thanks. We both know that the unsubscribe link is a click away and I want to seriously HELP your online business.

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