Amazing Offer on The Total Transformation Program

I just found out that you can get a copy of The Total Transformation Program for free. This is actually a pretty amazing offer, and I just hope I’m not disappointing anyone in case the offer is gone by the time you read this. They’re only giving away 1000 copies, which could go pretty fast considering how many parents seem to have trouble with teenagers, etc.

As a quick recap, you probably already know about my program, “Talking to Toddlers”, an audio course geared towards the terrible twos, and young children. I teach language strategies for dealing with the normal problems of parenting young kids.

James Lehman teaches you how to deal with much more serious problems of older kids. Problems like abusive behavior, serious defiance issues, verbal assault, etc. I’ve gone through James’ entire program (along with my wife) and we highly recommend it. If I teach language strategies, then he teaches thinking strategies to teach kids how to solve their own problems.

So how do you get it for free? It’s pretty simple. You have to be willing to provide them with feedback on the course. It sounds like this may actually take you a few hours of your time, in total, but that’s very minor in the overall scheme of things. It looks like they are simply looking to build up more feedback on the program, and you benefit by getting it for free. If you don’t provide the feedback then you will pay over $300. That’s still worth it considering the quality of the material, but if you have a shot at getting it for nothing I say go for it! Just be sure you are prepared to actually do the feedback portion.

I hope this offer is still available for those reading this. You can go check it out for yourself here.

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2 Responses to Amazing Offer on The Total Transformation Program

  1. Jeanne Whitney March 7, 2011 at 10:48 pm #

    Hello. I hope you’re doing well.

    I provide daycare for my 3 young grandsons. Their parents are getting a divorce, and they are acting out.

    I am not getting paid enough to buy the program, and need it desperately. Is there any way I can make smaller payments than the quoted amount? I can handle something smaller, and pay every 2 weeks.

    Either way, thank you for helping families, and reading my email.

    Jeanne Whitney

  2. Chris Thompson March 10, 2011 at 12:00 pm #

    Jeanne – if you fill out their feedback survey they’ll give it to you for free. Just make sure you are seriously committed to completing the survey on time. That’s the only “catch”. Great offer if you ask me.

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