Amazon Mom Program Looks Awesome

Over breakfast this morning I flipped open our copy of Parents magazine. My eyes were drawn to a full page advertisement from

The folks at Amazon have come up with a new program called Amazon Mom

What is it? By the sound of it, you join for free and you get 30% off baby diapers and great prices on other baby supplies (clothes, bottles, cribs, toys, etc). You setup automatic delivery of diapers and they arrive with two-day shipping.

Amazon is even giving you free shipping for the first three months, and then it sounds like you can “earn” more months of free shipping by spending at least $25 on an order. That sounds unbelievably easy considering how much stuff there is to buy for babies.

It looks like something every Mom (or for that matter, Dad) should look into. Great ways to save money are always appreciated, Amazon!

Visit Amazon Mom here.

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