Baby GO is an Awesome BlackBerry Game for Toddlers

super baby goI’ve been meaning to write this post for a while. Recently a good friend of mine, who is also a BlackBerry user, told me about a new game that had been released. The game is called Baby GO!

How many times are you out shopping for groceries, and when you get in line your toddler becomes bored, and you wish you had something to keep him or her busy. Or how about Saturday morning … you just can’t seem to EVER have time to talk to your spouse while you both enjoy a hot cup of coffee! You know what I’m talking about! Your kids are asking for things constantly, and by the time you remember you had that cup of coffee waiting for you on the counter, it’s cold. Microwave time. Yuk.

The guys over at Zeebu Mobile came up with a really cool solution. Baby GO (free version) and Super Baby GO ($3.99) keeps your toddler occupied. You fire up the game, and give your BlackBerry to your child. No need to worry – they won’t be able to email your boss, or delete calendar appointments. The only keys that work while the game is active are numbers / letters.

The game is really simple – which is also why it is so effective. Kids press keys, and block letters or numbers appear along with a child’s voice recording, dictating the name of the character.

Head on over to BlackBerry App World to download it. The free version is … well … FREE. The paid version, should you choose to upgrade, is really quite cheap.

You’ll be thanking me for recommending this (and the folks at Zeebu for making it)

Now go enjoy that hot cup of coffee.

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