Do You Fail to Support Your Child Without Realizing it?

This video was created for a political campaign, obviously. But have a look at it first and then we’ll chat about it below.

I really like this video because it was cutely created to make the disappointment on the daughter’s face completely obvious. I mean you just want to slap this father, don’t you? Luckily it’s not real, or is it?

Think about parenting toddlers for a moment. Is it possible that you’re doing the same thing to your child in a different way? Do you pay attention to your child’s interests and support them? If your child wants to play with tupperware do you let him, or do you take it away and say, “No”? If a child is climbing the furniture do you scold him or do you support him by taking him somewhere safe to climb instead (a park for example)?

Kids learn by DOING things, and parents should support this. It reminds me of some important lessons that I learned from a friend of mine, Mac Strider. He’s got a great report out there called Unlocking Your Child’s Full Potential. It’s super helpful.

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2 Responses to Do You Fail to Support Your Child Without Realizing it?

  1. elham April 12, 2011 at 9:09 am #

    I ‘d love to read this article

  2. thomas April 18, 2011 at 11:36 pm #

    I totally agree. As adults we can get so focused on adult expectations and forget children that live in a world of constant play/learning. When my two year ol daughter starts to play with her water at the dinner I tell her water is not for playing with at the dinner table but she can have extra time (and new gadgets to explore) in the bath. If she wants to take all the tupperware out and stack it while I’m cooking I let her but then she has to help put it all back too. It’s gave and take in our house!

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