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Product Questions

What ages is Talking to Toddlers best suited for? I designed the course for kids 2-6 years old. But to be more specific, it works as soon as you can have two-way verbal communication with your toddlers, and it never really stops working. The skills are useful with kids and adults, but the examples I’ve given you are really geared towards toddlers. When you listen to the lessons you’ll understand this more fully. As you understand the concepts you’ll be able to relate them to any age group.At about the age of 6 and up, kids have a lot more reasoning skills. For this reason I definitely do not suggest that you limit yourself to the language tools I teach. They are incredibly useful but they are not a complete solution for older children. If your child is 6 or older and you are having an incredibly tough time with defiance and resistance then I really recommend another course called The Total Transformation® Progam. Either visit their website here or read my review of it. It is not cheap, but it is definitely worth every penny (and as of this writing there is a way to get the course for free if you fill out a feedback survey).
I’m not comfortable downloading from the Internet. Can I get “Talking to Toddlers” shipped to me in CD format?  Yes! You now can get it in CD format. Here is the link to order in CD format. The price is higher because it costs extra money to manufacture and ship. The price of the CD version *includes shipping* to anywhere in the world. If you require express shipping then simply contact me to arrange it prior to ordering.
Will this work on my child?
That’s not the best question to ask. Remember this is a course to help you learn better communication skills. This, in turn, will change your family dynamics. It’s not like a button that you push which “works” on your child. It works on the whole family. It makes for a more empathetic, caring, fun-loving and happy family. If you study the material and apply it, then it will be working on you. Then, as your communication skills improve your child’s behavior will radically change.
What makes this course different from other parenting courses? The major difference is how I teach you actual language skills based on 15 years of actually USING these techniques. The language that I teach you to use, and the other “tricks” that I teach, are all based on fundamental principles of NLP and Ericksonian hypnosis. To my knowledge, nobody has ever created a parenting course with a focus on toddlers using these tools. Don’t worry – there is no voodoo or anything weird. We’re not hypnotizing anybody. We’re just using the right kinds of words to cause emotional changes in others (mainly your kids!) It’s compassionate, and not manipulative. Want a few good examples? Fill in the web form at this link and listen to the awesome free lesson.
How does the 60-day guarantee work? It’s about as simple as you could possibly expect. If for any reason you are not happy with the course then all you have to do is email me to ask for a refund. I process the refund promptly, courteously, and you get every penny back. I’m taking the risk because some small percentage of people are dishonest and could ask for a refund despite loving the material. All I can do is rely on the majority of people being honest. Please be honest, ok? Remember that we set the example for our children.
How do I use this course? There are 12 lessons. I recommend you listen to only one lesson per day, and then be absolutely sure to do the homework with each lesson. Learning new skills involves more than just reading or listening. You must participate in the “doing”. The homework is easy and fun, and the results will thrill you.
Is there anyway to give this stuff a test drive? Yes. The first thing you should consider doing is grabbing the free lesson that I offer. You will then get instant access to a free lesson with 3 useful tips you can start using right now. It is an audio lesson (only a few minutes long) and you’ll notice how high quality the audio is. Most of my customers become customers after listening to the free lesson – and that’s because the tips really do work. This stuff is not your average parenting advice. I don’t even like to refer to myself as a “parenting expert”. I’m a communication expert who just so happens to be a very passionate dad.
What are your qualifications? Why should I listen to you? First of all, I don’t have any formal “parenting” education. Everything in the “Talking to Toddlers” comes from my experience studying Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), techniques of persuasion and influence, and Ericksonian Hypnosis. When I first started studying this stuff in 1996 I was in my twenties, unmarried, and without children. I used these skills as I built up a professional life. Only then did I become a father at the age of 30. I was always interested in adapting the principles that I had been taught in order to use them with children. This soon became a passion, and I spent a lot of time documenting my ideas and results (using these techniques on my own kids as well as other people’s kids). It struck me that nobody was teaching this, so I created “Talking to Toddlers” to fill that need for parents.

Technical Questions

How do I make my own CDs after downloading the program?  The easiest way is to use iTunes (free software for PC or Mac computers). You can get it at the Apple. What you would do is really easy. First, create a playlist called “Talking to Toddlers”. Drag and drop the audio files into this playlist. Then hit “burn”, and iTunes will make you and audio CD version of the course automatically. If you don’t want to use iTunes you can do the same thing using Windows Media Player which is made by Microsoft.
What if I have trouble with the download?  I’m here to help. There have been a few customers who had problems with their Internet service and had to email me for help. I always respond promptly and this actually seems to shock my customers (they’re surprised when they get such fast replies from me. Are people really so trained nowadays that we all expect to be dealing with robots? I’m real, and I’m here to help).
I’m getting an exclamation mark when I try to import the files into iTunes. The files are not found.  This happens when if you forget to unzip the file that you download. It’s very easy to fix. Remember that to keep things simple I’m giving you a single file with all of the audio lessons inside of it. That file is called a “zip” file. After you download it you just double-click on it so that it opens in a new window. This window will show you all of the audio files. Simply go to the “file” menu in the upper left and select “extract all”. Then it is “unzipped” and you can drag those unzipped files into iTunes.

Help for iOS Users

Can I download the course on my iPad or iPhone?  The downloads are in ZIP format, and Apple’s iOS doesn’t support that format. So what you need to do is download using your PC or Mac first. Both Mac and PC and then “unzip” the file automatically and you’ll have a folder with all of the MP3 audio files inside. You can then drag these into iTunes (I suggest you create a special playlist called “Talking to Toddlers”.) Once the files are in iTunes you can synchronize your Apple mobile device to your computer and the files will automatically show up on your device. If you do not own a PC/Mac and you only have an iPhone or iPad, just get in touch with me immediately after purchasing (reply to the email that you get immediately after purchase) and I’ll ensure that you get an unzipped version that you can download to your device directly.
Can I buy the course for someone else? I want to give Talking to Toddlers as a gift.  No problem. You can either order the CD version and use the other person’s address on the order form, or you can purchase the download version and simply forward the download link to the person you want to give the gift to. When the other person gets the email from you, they’ll be able to click on the download link and save the files to their own computer.

Customer Questions by Email

Note to readers: I’m just starting to add customer email questions and answers on this page. If you email me and I answer you by email I may share the answer here but I will not share any particularly personal or sensitive information, nor will I share last names.

Hello Chris. I have listened to your free lesson and have read all your emails. Before I buy I am just wondering if your CDs or audio lessons are good for a five almost 6 year old boy who is having problems not only listening to me but to listen and pay attention at school. He is easily distracted yet very bright. which is causing him problems with his behavior at school. Thanks Joanne.

Hi Joanne,

I think they will help you (and as a result, him). I say this because the course is entirely based around teaching the parent how to connect better with the child through language. Lots of the examples are for younger children, but I’m sure you will still be able to relate to them. I hope that makes sense. And if for any reason you’re not satisfied, you have a 60 day no questions asked refund policy to protect you.


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