Fun for the Kids: Washable Marker Tattoos

I’m still in France with my family and the weather has been absolutely amazing. Sometimes the afternoon heat just makes me want to take a little siesta. This was the case yesterday.

My girls wanted to play with their Crayola markers, but were growing a bit bored of drawing on paper. So we came up with a hilarious alternative. I would be their canvass.

Like I said, it is HOT outside so I took my little nap on the couch wearing only a pair of shorts. We had the patio door open at our rental house, letting the nice breeze blow through. They had been playing with removable tattoos earlier, so they thought it would be cool to draw tattoos on Daddy. I said “Ok – go for it.”

I gave them one simple rule … draw only on me. No marker allowed anywhere else.

Well, I have to give them credit. They did not draw on the couch at all, only on me, and not on my shorts either. I fell asleep at some point during the process. I sleep like a log.

When I woke up they were laughing, along with my wife. Turns out they had markered me up pretty good. Their idea of a tattoo had changed just a wee bit. I looked like I’d been thrown into a paintball fight and lost. Badly lost.

Tattoos? More like body paint.

Anyway, it was hilarious, yet clean. The markers are washable. Two minutes in the shower and you’d never know that I was art just a moment before. And I got my nap too.

I think the idea of letting your kids apply washable marker to each other, or you, is worth sharing. I’m pretty sure we’ll be doing this game again. The kids LOVED it.

For that matter there are also cheap washable paints available at most craft stores. On a hot summer day it could be lots of fun to paint each other and then wash off under a hose or a lawn sprinkler.

If you have any great outdoor fun ideas for the summer, please share them in the comments section.

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One Response to Fun for the Kids: Washable Marker Tattoos

  1. Denise-Marie July 25, 2011 at 9:15 pm #

    Hi Chris,
    Have you read Robert Munch’s book about markers? I think it is called Yellow, Green and Blue, something like that anyway. As you described this fun filled activity it reminded me of that book. It is good that you clarified to use washable markers because the little girl in Munch’s book used “superindelable never come off until you’re dead and maybe even later colouring markers”. It is a really cute book and your girls would love it.

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