Genetically Modified Food – Are We Harming Our Kids Without Knowing it?

Would you feed your kids or yourself food that you knew was genetically modified, untested for safety, and quite possibly harmful to your kids’ health?

Most parents would say “No” … but based on my conversations with people who are new to this topic, I’ve also found that most parents do not realize they are already feeding their family genetically modified food. Time to do some learning here.

I’ve been curious about the growing movement towards organic food and the potential damage from genetically modified foods.

You may not realize it yet, but a TON of the food you’re eating (and feeding your kids) is genetically modified (also called “GM foods”).

The 4 most significant crops affected by this trend are Corn, Soy, Cotton and Canola. These crops are found in most of what you eat.

Parents need to understand this. I’m scientifically inclined since I’m kind of a geek, but I’m not a doctor or a biologist. I can’t say for sure that GM foods are dangerous but I’m VERY BOTHERED by the fact that:

1) There DOES NOT seem to be any safety testing done on GM food
2) There DOES appear to be legitimate concerns about GM foods based on independent tests and anecdotal evidence from farmers.

If you want to turn a blind eye to this stuff, I wish you well but think you’re making a mistake. If you want to learn a bit more about this so you can protect your own family, I highly encourage you to watch this video.

All Parents Should Watch This Video

I HIGHLY recommend that you at last watch the video at 18:30 through to about 22:00 if you’re short on time. This hits RIGHT at the heart of parenting and food

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One Response to Genetically Modified Food – Are We Harming Our Kids Without Knowing it?

  1. Abir March 6, 2011 at 7:07 pm #

    Yes,we all need to be more careful about what we give to our kids
    i started my self,
    in some countries you wont even know any thing about the food you find in the market thats a big issue !
    thank u again for making this topic in your web site
    many ppl need to think twice before they buy what ever their kids will ask for

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