Getting Stains Out Over the Holidays

Merry Christmas to everyone!  It’s December 24th and my whole family is buzzing with Christmas spirit.  I’ve got iTunes on my Macbook streaming holiday cheer over to my favorite tech gadget, the Airport Express, which connects into the stereo.  My oldest daughter is helping my wife set the table for the huge family gathering that we’ll be having tomorrow.

I was just out doing some last minute shopping for Turkey-cooking stuff that we needed (Aluminum foil, etc).  This made me think of all the parents who are going to be dressing their kids up in their best clothes tomorrow (and tonight), only to see those clothes soiled with all kinds of stains such as gravy, chocolate, and other “guk”.

Let me share my favorite tip to remove these.  If the stain is from something organic (i.e. food), then get yourself some Baby Oxy spray.  There are often no-name equivalents.  This stuff is great.  It’s the same ingredient as what is in a Tide pen, but you get way more for way less money.  It won’t wreck fabrics and it will remove almost any food related stain including red wine.

If you don’t have a spray solution at your grocery store, pick up some oxygen bleach.  Not the chlorine kind!  Make sure it is oxygen bleach.  Then just dilute it to whatever strength you need, put it in an empty Windex bottle and presto!  You have stain fighting power to help you salvage your kids best clothes this holiday season.

I want to wish everyone a happy holidays, whether it be Christmas or any other celebration that you’re enjoying.  The important part is that you are with family.

Enjoy your children,

Chris Thompson

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