Grab These Free Christmas Tunes from Amazon

Last year I found a blog post where an awesome woman had pointed out a whole pile of absolutely free Christmas music available at Amazon.

I emailed the link out to my subscribers and everyone loved having access to it. Hey, you can’t beat free, right? I don’t mind paying for great music, but I’ll always be more than happy to save some money to stuff my kids’ Christmas stockings just a bit more.

Anyway, I just checked this morning and sure enough you can still get a ton of free music for the holiday season.

I sorted the music by price so the free stuff shows up at the top.
Here’s the link to Free Christmas Music

I also noticed something called 25 days of free, which is a free Christmas song every day in December up until the 25th. So you might want to go back daily to grab the current freebie.

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One Response to Grab These Free Christmas Tunes from Amazon

  1. Danick December 5, 2011 at 10:01 pm #

    Thankyou so much for this. I tried, but unfortunately Amazon will not let you download this in Australia. I’ve even purchased and tried before, but I’d forgotten they won’t allow this. It’s rather silly really. Never mind. Thanks anyway.

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