Kodak Zi8 Review: Awesome for Family Movies

This week I bought myself a new toy. I’m a big gadget fan and I love to buy new electronics. But this time the “toy” has a real family purpose!

Check out this quick video I made with the Kodak Zi8. It was shot in 720P high definition video and snappily edited in iMovie ’09 on my Mac.

I bought the Kodak Zi8 HD Camcorder as a replacement for my 5-year old bulky Mini DV camera. Camcorders have come SO far in the last few years! The old one had better optics (a real 10x optical zoom lens) but in every other way, this new Kodak is better.

And it cost WAY less.

The Kodak Zi8 cost me $150 over at Amazon. If you live in the USA you can get it for even less (last time I checked it was $129 and available here).

I love the Zi8 because:

  • It’s really compact. It is about the size of a BlackBerry. yet it has a HUGE screen!
  • It can hold up to 32 Gigs of flash memory for hours of recording per card
  • The picture quality is outstanding. I use 720p mode mostly.
  • The “macro” mode allows close zoom-ups of objects
  • A child can figure it out. I gave it to my kids to make movies of me and they were easily able to use it.

I’m not the type to show my kids in a public movie so instead I made some sample footage outside and slapped together a quick video to show you why I love this camera.

If you’ve been holding off, I really recommend this camera. It has awesome picture and better sound than the ever-popular Flip Mino HD

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