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I’ll Teach You to Easily and Quickly Stop Bad Behavior in Children

Stop the Yelling, Tantrums and Defiance.
Get Back the Peace. Understand Your Child.

Are you are a frustrated parent of a child between the ages of 2 and 6? Whether it’s the “Terrible Twos” or beyond, you need to read what I’m about to share with you here. If you feel guilty about yelling at your toddler, I can help. Or maybe you have no idea how to deal with the temper tantrums and the terrible twos. I’ll show you how to cope. Maybe you’re just sick of your child screaming “No” at you every time you ask him to eat his dinner, put that toy down, leave the park, get in the car … and the list goes on (doesn’t it?)

A lot of Moms and Dads feel like their toddler’s or child’s behavior is driving them crazy. Maybe you’re in the same boat – you feel stressed out, and you just want some PEACE. Yet you also want to feel like you raised your kids right, set a good example, and fostered a great relationship. You want less fights, more respect, and a happy home. I don’t blame you!

So how do you get it? What if I told you that there are simple ways to solve most of your everyday parenting problems? Would you be willing to learn a few new tips and strategies to fix your problems and get the peace back?

How a Simple One-Hour Seminar Changed
My Life and My Parenting Skills … Forever

My name is Chris Thompson and I have a bit of an unusual story to tell you. I promise you this directly relates to parenting and how I tackled the terrible twos & beyond. But it starts back in 1992 when I had just turned 19, and I was starting my first year of university. The school brought in an amazing speaker to talk to us about something called “Brain Software”, and it absolutely changed my life.

Chris Thompson Family PhotoThe speaker showed us how to use our brains to make powerful changes in our emotional states – like how to take a crappy mood and turn it around instantly. He also taught us some of the basics of influence, persuasion and relationship building. This is the stuff that eventually made a massive difference for me as a parent.

So there I was, a 19-year old kid starting an Engineering degree, but this amazing speaker had just cracked open the doorway to a whole new set of skills that were really exciting to me.

Here’s what I did: I went up to the speaker and asked him how to learn more. He handed me a reading list of classic books to start with. I’ve always maintained my passion for learning about influence, persuasion, relationships and rapport.

I got really good at this stuff. During my university years I built relationships with the right kinds of friends – guys and girls who would help each other succeed. I used my skills to get a great job after graduation when others had a hard time. I was still only 22 at this point, and I was too busy directing my skills at my career to realize that there was a LOT more too it.

Let’s fast forward over the next 8 years. I got married to the girl that I fell in love with in my graduating year. I made a major career transition into the world of finance and investing, and my income skyrocketed to a point that it was uncomfortable for me to discuss income with anyone. Then, in 2004, when I was 30 years old, we had our first baby. Anne changed my life forever. (Wow, writing this is making all the memories flood right back!)

Anne as a babyThe first moment I ever held my child, I knew I had a much bigger responsibility than ever before. By the time she was entering the “terrible twos”, my wife was pregnant again with our second daughter Elizabeth. We didn’t need any more stress, believe me!

Here’s where my training starts to come in (thanks for bearing with me so far!)

Anne was starting to enter the “terrible twos”, just like every ordinary child. The challenges and problems we faced were very typical. She would say “no” to us a lot. She would point at things she wanted and cry if we didn’t give them to her. She’d have fits or throw tantrums if we didn’t live up to her expectations! I bet you can relate, right?

Through luck or skill (who really knows), I clued into the idea that all of my expertise in building relationships and influencing people would probably work on small children too. The tools just needed to be re-worked to fit parenting situations rather than business situations.

I started making notes on every new idea that hit me. I’d test them out on “Annie the Terrible” and they’d work like magic. I know you are probably curious, and I’ll give you a chance to get some examples a bit lower down. Stay with me here. We’re almost done.

Then came the ONE moment that clinched it all for me. I realized how powerful this stuff was, and how nobody else was doing (or teaching) these ideas.

I was in the grocery store with my pregnant wife and daughter. You can probably see where this is going, can’t you? Yup … the checkout line. There we were waiting our turn in a super-busy store. Anne was in the shopping cart with her eyes at the perfect height to see the candy.

I mean, seriously, they must setup the checkout isles like this on purpose. Kid sees candy. Kid asks, then begs for candy. Parent says no. Kid freaks out. Secret camera captures it all and you end up on YouTube.

As you can guess, Anne REALLY wanted this chocolate candy called “Smarties”. The packaging is brilliant. You can’t miss them. She smiled. Oh yes it always starts that way. Then she pointed at them and said, like a cave-child: “Want this!”.

My wife STARTED to say “No” to her and I could literally see the meltdown begin to take shape. Her lips started to quiver – that’s usually a clear sign. Thank goodness I was quick on my feet that day (usually my wife would tell you I’ve got my head buried in my BlackBerry).

I quickly tested out a new technique I’d been perfecting. It’s called “The Distraction Method”. Yes, I know. Very fancy title. Part of this technique involves acknowledging what your child wants. If you forget this step you are in trouble, seriously. But nobody is teaching this! Nobody is explaining the huge importance of establishing (or maintaining) rapport with your kid!

We Managed to Completely Avert the Meltdown
and the “Walk of Shame” Over to the Parking Lot.
What a Relief !

I kept adapting the communications skills that I learned and started applying them to parenting and toddler problems. It wasn’t long before I had a UNIQUE and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE toolbox of techniques. It shocked me that nobody was doing this. After all it wasn’t like I made some huge leap to adapt these “business communication” tools to parenting. It seemed totally natural to me. Terrible twos? How about Terrific Toddlers instead!

I knew I could teach other parents to do this stuff. I was always good at teaching and my friends & family always told me I was a natural teacher.

I spent over a year experimenting with my daughter, other people’s children and I started coaching other parents on how to use these techniques.

The results were truly spectacular. Parents got back the peace that they wanted. Kids started to behave better. The results were FAST. And best of all, all of the strategies I teach maintain a child’s dignity and actually help the child understand how to make better choices.

Do This First Because It’s Free
And Gives You Instant Help

The complete course I created is called “Talking to Toddlers”. Not only is it a detailed toddler parenting manual, but I have professionally recorded the lessons in audio format to accelerate your learning.

But before you even consider getting your own copy, you should be asking yourself, “Why listen to this guy”.

That’s why I created a completely free (no strings attached) audio lesson that you can listen to right now. This free lesson will teach you three powerful strategies that you can put to use immediately, and start to see results. Drop your name and email address in the form, hit the submit button, and you’ll be quite pleased with what arrives in your inbox. Then you can always come back and read more about the course (below).

Yes Please! I’d like you to send me the free audio lesson. I’ll learn 3 simple techniques to make parenting less stressful and more fun.

My free lesson will arrive by email as soon as I fill out this form.


My Biggest Parenting “Secret” Revealed.

Let me share something with you that will forever change your way of thinking. Once you read it you’ll think it’s obvious. Behavior is driven by emotion. It’s not driven by logic. Your kids act the way they do because of their emotional state. Toddler behavior, older child behavior … it’s all driven by emotion.

If they won’t get dressed in the morning it is because they are mentally connecting the act of getting dressed with something unpleasant. If they won’t go to bed at night they are connecting bed time with something else that is unpleasant.

Parents often make the mistake of trying to use logic to fix the problem. Logic doesn’t work. Instead, you need to modify the emotional response inside of your child.

Changing Your Child’s Emotional State
is the Key to Getting Good Behavior.

Ok, so how do you change a child’s emotional state? You use specific language patterns to change a bad mood into a good mood. How do you get a child to do something that he or she doesn’t want to do? You make it easy for the child to feel good about the task so they choose to do it. It’s not about asking nicely, nor is it about pleading and begging, nor is it about using the threat of some negative consequence if they don’t co-operate.

When you understand how powerful language (and body language) can be, you quickly realize that it’s like having an instruction manual for the brain.

Would it be helpful to you to feel that you had a much better understanding of your child’s emotional state? You bet it would!

Is This a Typical Scenario in Your House?

Let’s use an example of how these tools work. Say that you need to get your 3-year old Emily dressed to go out, but as usual, she won’t co-operate. She’s much happier playing with her toys and when you tell Emily to come get dressed, she just says “No”, or ignores you.

You keep asking politely, but eventually frustration takes over. You start raising your voice. Eventually you end up having to gently restrain her as you get her dressed. She’s now crying and you’re upset that she wouldn’t listen. It’s just not fun for either of you.

What I’ll teach you is totally different and much more fun. I’ll teach you to start with a different goal in mind. The goal would be to change Emily’s emotional state so that she actually wants to get dressed. We would do this by talking to her about things that were interesting for her. We would be planting seeds of suggestion into her mind so that she’d welcome the idea of getting dressed.

Or, we could distract her from her prior resistance to getting dressed. There are simple ways of doing this such that Emily would not even realize she was “co-operating” with getting dressed. But after it was over, she wouldn’t be feeling tricked or manipulated. She’d be smiling and feel close to her Mommy. That’s exactly what you want anyway, right?

The Outcome of These Tools is a Happier Family
… and a More Co-operative Child.

I’ve put together a complete audio course to help you deal with your difficult toddler or child. This stuff works through the “Terrible Twos” and beyond. This course will help you deal with a toddler, preschooler or school-aged child.

Here are Some of the Things
You’ll Learn in the Complete
“Talking to Toddlers” Course:

  • Get your kids to say “Yes” instead of “No” – If you’re sick and tired of your child refusing to do simple things then you’re going to love this technique. If you find yourself successfully using this same strategy with your spouse, co-worker or boss, you have my permission to “blame” me.
  • Quickly kill that bad mood – Have you ever had a special song that totally changed the way you feel? It’s almost like you are programmed to respond to the song in that way. Why? I’ll teach you why and show you how to apply the same technique to your kids (or yourself). When their frown turns upside down you’ll thank me.
  • Get them to stop changing their minds so much – Most parents are constantly frustrated by their kids asking for one thing, then changing their mind again and again. I’ll teach you exactly how to stop this, but in a positive way. It eliminates your stress and frustration while building your child’s confidence at the same time. It’s win-win. You need to know this!
  • The right way to use consequences – Most parents simply threaten their kid with “going to their room” or something like that. It hardly ever works. I’ll explain to you exactly what key steps you’re probably missing. Knowing this will dramatically boost your success with using consequences.
  • How to sidestep a temper tantrum – We both know that most temper tantrums in toddlers and children start the moment that we say “No” to our kids. Sometimes you have to say no, but most of the time there are clever ways to sidestep this trigger-word and still get the exact same outcome that you were looking for. This is super useful for all those times your child says, “Mommy can I have this cookie” or “Daddy I want this toy”. This single tool will save you unbelievable amounts of frustration. When I get emails from my customers this is often a favourite technique because of how easy it is.
  • Plant positive ideas in your child’s mind without them knowing – You may not realize it but “others” are planting messages in your child’s precious young mind every day. Some of it is accidental by untrained people, and some of it is entirely on purpose (commercials, TV, news, etc). A big part of your job is to make sure your positive messages get through. What I’m going to teach you is exactly how to do this. Sure, you can use it to plant suggestions for wanting to eat dinner, going to bed, feeling comfortable using the toilet, etc. But you can also use it to instil confidence, strength, love and other feelings.

“Talking to Toddlers” Audio Course

Talking to Toddlers Product Photo

YES Chris, I am ready to learn these awesome language tools! I understand that I will securely download “Talking to Toddlers”.

Limited Time FREE Upgrade: When you purchase the Talking to Toddlers Complete Guide (PDF book), you are instantly upgraded to the Premium Audio Version in MP3 format. You get all this for the temporary price of $67 $37.

*If you prefer to have CDs shipped to you (it costs extra), then click here.

I’m excited to start using these tools to:

  • Avoid temper tantrums
  • Reduce parenting stess
  • Laugh more, and cry less
  • Feel like I’m in control again!

Have your credit card handy and click the happy orange “Add To Cart” button below to access “Talking to Toddlers” right now…

Add to Cart: Talking to Toddlers Audio Course ($37)

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Details About the “Talking to Toddlers”
Complete Course.

“Talking to Toddlers” is a complete guide to using language to improve the way you deal with your toddlers. It is not sold in stores, and only available through this website.

Digital Book and Professional Audio Version For a limited time, when you purchase the digital book version (PDF), you automatically get the professionally recorded MP3 audio files as well. This will accelerate your learning!

Talking to Toddlers consists of 12 lessons. Each lesson teaches you only a few simple concepts. I’ve kept the lessons brief so that you can read or listen to one lesson every day, and it will only take you about 15 minutes. Every lesson gives you clear, specific instructions. You’ll learn new language techniques that you can start to apply right away. At the end of each lesson I give you a simple homework assignment to re-enforce your learning. After all … you can only get good at something by doing it, right?

Instantly Delivered as a Digital Download: Talking to Toddlers is sold as a file that you download. I use the industry standard MP3 audio format, and it works on all computers (PC and Mac). There is no special software required. “Talking to Toddlers” is something you will download right away after payment. This saves you precious time! I know how frustrated you probably are, and I know you want to get to work fixing things NOW.

Do you need physical CDs? There are two ways to handle this. I do sell the course in CD format (click here for that), which costs a bit more money because it has to be manufactured and shipped. Otherwise, if you are computer-savvy, you can take the downloaded version and turn it into CDs using your computer. Free software such as iTunes makes this very easy. That said, at least 9 out of 10 customers choose the digital download and it’s rare for anyone to get stuck with a technical problem. Besides, I’m only an email away.

Why I Offer My 100% Money Back Guarantee

As a father I want the best for my kids and I’m sure you want the same for your kids too. I also know that there are lots of people trying to get you to buy stuff that you may not need.

When I created “Talking to Toddlers” I started from the very beginning with a “no fluff” policy and my customers have thanked me for it over and over again. This is what makes me so different.

I care about your comfort and trust. My intention is to help parents and kids. If I can’t do that then I don’t deserve to keep your money.

Try it for 8 full weeks: I insist that you have tons of time to use the material in my course before you decide if it’s right for you. That’s why I insist on offering you a full 8-weeks to try out the entire course with no risk.

It really is this simple. If you don’t find that the course helps you, or is for ANY REASON not worth the price you paid, then I do not want your hard-earned money. Simply email me and I process a 100% refund with a friendly and respectful attitude.

With the digital download, there is no shipping charge whatsoever, and there is nothing for you to return. When I started selling this course online my father actually warned me that people would take advantage of me. I went with my gut instinct, and I’m happy to say I was right. Most people are very honest and I feel entirely comfortable in offering you this security.

To the health and happiness of you and your family,

Chris Thompson signature

P.S. For a limited time you get the FREE upgrade to the professionally recorded audio course (normally $67) for the one-time price of $37.

Still, you might be asking yourself, “Is this really worth $37?”
I’d like you to pretend, just for a moment, that there was a parenting “magic wand” you could buy for $37, and you knew it would “do for you” all of the things I’m describing above.

Would THAT be worth $37 to you?

Almost certainly it would! Well, there is no magic wand, but my course gets you as close as possible. So it really comes down to your own willingness to take action to fix your situation.

Besides, with my 100% satisfaction guarantee you have 8 weeks to decide for yourself. Given my ultra-low refund rate I’m super confident in this offer and in your success.

“Talking to Toddlers” Audio Course

Talking to Toddlers Product Photo

YES Chris, I am ready to learn these awesome language tools! I understand that I will securely download “Talking to Toddlers”.

Limited Time FREE Upgrade: When you purchase the Talking to Toddlers Complete Guide (PDF book), you are instantly upgraded to the Premium Audio Version in MP3 format. You get all this for the temporary price of $67 $37.

*If you prefer to have CDs shipped to you (it costs extra), then click here.

I’m excited to start using these tools to:

  • Avoid temper tantrums
  • Reduce parenting stess
  • Laugh more, and cry less
  • Feel like I’m in control again!

Have your credit card handy and click the happy orange “Add To Cart” button below to access “Talking to Toddlers” right now…

Add to Cart: Talking to Toddlers Audio Course ($37)

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Here’s What Some People Have
Said About Talking To Toddlers…

“Your Guide is Almost Like a Magic Bullet”

Chris, I recently purchased your “Talking to Toddlers” mp3 and it was fantastic! Literally, this is not an exaggeration, but the same day I first tried presuppositions and double-binds, I saw a change in my relationship with my 2 year old son. In the week following, whereas before our relationship largely consisted of Dad the enforcer and toddler the oppressed (with lots of feelings of guilt and lots of tears respectively), we became closer, happier, and I really feel good about being a Dad now. Especially since I have the tools for guiding my son, but at the same time honoring his inherent rights to dignity and self-determination.

Thanks, Chris. Truly, your guide has made a difference. And for all of those like me who found themselves skeptical at first, even after reading the ‘testimonials’ offered by your website, I find myself now writing one! For any parent out there who senses that things could be better somehow, but are unsure of how to make things better with your toddler, Chris your guide is almost like a magic bullet. I continue to work through your lessons and apply the tools they provide.

Kelly Goyer
Saskatoon, Canada

“So Easy to Follow”

Pinky McKay Testimonial PhotoChris – I love this program! At first I was a bit skeptical that it would be manipulative but it actually is very compassionate and respectful and will maintain your dignity as well as your child’s. This program is so easy to follow: it is structured in a way that really helps parents learn not only what to do but how to do it in small bite sized chunks so that each layer adds another dimension of parenting skills.

The concrete examples make it easy to grasp how to apply these skills in a real situation. When parents are stressed, it is often easier to revert to whatever is in our existing toolbox, even when it is inappropriate. Your style of teaching, along with the homework exercises, makes it very simple to skill up and to implement new strategies even when we are feeling overwhelmed by the enormous responsibility of parenting.

Pinky McKay, Australia
Author of “Toddler Tactics” and “Sleeping Like a Baby”

“You Have Changed My Boy And My Life”

Chris – I bought your audio course two weeks ago. Let me tell you that you are my hero! I have a boy who is nearly 3 and he was driving me crazy to the point where I thought I failed as a mum. I’m only on lesson 6 and my boy is changing in front of my eyes. Your strategies really work and to my surprise when I test them on adults they work too! Thank you very much. You have changed my boy and my life on the whole.

Doris from Malta

“Heaven Sent. Improvements After First Lesson”

I have a 2 year old daughter who is going on 16. I was ready to pull my hair out and was tired of her telling me what to do and tired of yelling at her in return. Then I came across your course, which was heaven sent. I saw improvements after the first lesson. It was a miracle. I was waiting for her to fight back and then there was nothing. The conflict was resolved. Wow! Chris Thompson is the Toddler God indeed. This program was worth every single penny.

Rachel Turner
Utah, USA

“No More Fights With Brushing His Teeth”

My husband I both listened to the audio course and loved it. We found the techniques very useful and now our son doesn’t fight with us to brush his teeth anymore. We are both teachers and found the tools you teach in this audio course very helpful in our jobs as well. We would recommend this program to anyone who deals with toddlers and school-age children.

Teri Pearce
Whitby, Ontario, Canada

“Love Your Advice”

We love getting your e-mails & advice. We purchased the ‘Talking to Toddlers’ audio lessons some time ago. We’ve been following your advice & love it. Please don’t stop sending your e-mails as we’d be lost without them.

Vanda Longrigg
Adelaide, Australia

“A Little Magic Of My Own”

As a very recent purchaser of your “Talking to Toddlers” audio, I must say I am impressed. I am a grandmother who is often helping out with the care of three very robust grandsons aged 2yrs, 3yrs and 4yrs approx (not from the same family). I have applied your first lesson and was absolutely delighted with the results from the 4yr old. I was chuckling to myself, as my daughter is not aware that I had purchased your audio. This particular grandson is fascinated with magic at the moment, so I felt like I had performed a little magic myself! I will certainly persevere with your techniques.

Melbourne, Australia

“I Just Plain Love It”

I bought your fantastic program and I just plain love it. I direct and counsel childcare centers in Israel and I began sitting with my staff-doing one lesson at a time. So, thank you so much. I am so happy that I found you. I am doing it slowly as you suggested and I am now up to chapter #4. I have to translate it into Hebrew for my staff to understand so it takes me some time.

Miriam Blau

“Recommended Without Reservation”

Mike Mandel testimonialChris has done an excellent job in adapting NLP and Ericksonian patterns to the task of parenting. I recommend his product without reservation, not only to parents, but also to teachers, day-care workers and medical professionals.

Dr. Mike Mandel
Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis Instructor for NLP Canada

“Easy to Implement. Gave Me Amazing Results”

I am a qualified child care worker with 20 years of experience in both Australia and the United Kingdom. This audio course is very valuable. I learned lots of new ways of interacting with the children that were easy to implement and gave me amazing results in just a few days. I highly recommend this course to parents and carers who regularly supervise children.

Helen R. Thompson
Adelaide, Australia

“Bite-Sized Chunks That Anyone Can Learn”

Ron Headshot

You truly have taken the essence of communication and broken it down into bite sized chunks that anyone can learn. It is worth twice the price and the audio quality is outstanding. I will be recommending this product to everyone I know that has kids.

Ron Vereggen
Toronto, Canada

“Talking to Toddlers” Audio Course

Talking to Toddlers Product Photo

YES Chris, I am ready to learn these awesome language tools! I understand that I will securely download “Talking to Toddlers”.

Limited Time FREE Upgrade: When you purchase the Talking to Toddlers Complete Guide (PDF book), you are instantly upgraded to the Premium Audio Version in MP3 format. You get all this for the temporary price of $67 $37.

*If you prefer to have CDs shipped to you (it costs extra), then click here.

I’m excited to start using these tools to:

  • Avoid temper tantrums
  • Reduce parenting stess
  • Laugh more, and cry less
  • Feel like I’m in control again!

Have your credit card handy and click the happy orange “Add To Cart” button below to access “Talking to Toddlers” right now…

Add to Cart: Talking to Toddlers Audio Course ($37)

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If You Prefer CDs Shipped Directly To You…

I realize that some customers are simply not comfortable downloading audio files, and prefer the “low-tech” approach. I am happy to ship the entire course to you on 3 CDs. It costs a bit more because there are extra costs involved for me (manufacturing and shipping). The CD version is sold for $67 compared to the MP3 (download) version which costs $37. To order the CD version simply click here.

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