Peanut Butter Pizza, oh my…

pizza-babyMy kids love pizza. My kids love pizza so much, they have been asking me to make it at least once a week for dinner. They have even been asking to eat pizza for lunch.

I’m sure most parents can relate that once kids eat something they enjoy, they tend to want to eat it at every meal. Well – my kids at least. Needless to say, I am tired of pizza.

The other day my kids were complaining about their lunch. They didn’t want to eat it because it was boring. It got me thinking about – pizza.

The next day, I decided it was time to get creative and give in to my kids demand for pizza. I said, “kids ,today for lunch, we are having pizza”. Their faces lit up. Then I said “peanut butter pizza that is”. They stared at me in amazement. I had sparked some curiosity on their end.

I asked my eldest to get out some pita bread, peanut butter and jam from the fridge. We spread a thin layer of peanut butter over the individual portion sized pita bread. I asked them what toppings they wanted on each of their pizzas. The kids put banana slices, dabs of jam and blueberries.

Not only were my kids happy they got to pick out their own toppings, they discovered they could make funny faces on the pizza and get really creative in the process. This was a win-win situation. They picked out their lunch, ate it, and I got to try something new.

You can make almost any meal like pizza. The next time you want to have fun with food, try using cream cheese, cut up cucumbers and tomatoes. No rules, and all fun.

I like to eat healthy. It is very important that my kids eat a balanced diet. It is also important that my kids agree or by into our family eating habits. My kids like to feel apart of the decision making process, especially where food is concerned. Get creative, let the kids lend a hand in the kitchen. Sometimes it is the simple things in life that give the greatest pleasure.

If you’ve got a new spin on an old meal, I’d love to have you throw your comments below.

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