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The Art of Potty Training

Strategy and Tactics for Low Stress Parenting


Dear “Talking to Toddlers” customers

The Art of Potty Training book photoThis past summer I mentioned that I was busy writing a new book. The book is now finished, and I’m really excited to make it available to you, my existing customers, at a major discount.

If you have a toddler that you’ll be potty training I think this book will be a tremendous resource for you:


  • It’s short, so it won’t waste your time. It’s chalk full of awesome content.
  • You’ll discover how to coach your child through this process without stress
  • The method I’m teaching is designed such that resistance is impossible.
  • I guarantee it will speed up potty training and you will save at least 10x what you’ll pay for the book.

Why This Book is SO Different

I get a lot of emails from customers and one common theme has been potty training. It seems to be a real hot button for parents, and a huge source of stress. I wrote this book to solve the stress problem. But more important – this book teaches you how to coach your child on a skill without the negativity and pressure that can lead to resistance. The last thing you need is for your child to fall into an early pattern of resisting your coaching efforts!

My belief is that parenting is being a coach to your child. I don’t want this to sound like pressure, but the quality of your coaching has a huge effect on the development of your child. It effects things like their willingness to try new things, how hard they’ll try before quitting, their comfort in social situations, what they do about fear of failure, and how they respond when things don’t go their way.

Potty training is one of the first big things that you’ll be coaching your child to learn.

Sure, you were involved in helping your child learn to crawl, walk and talk. but for some reason parents attach a lot less stress to this stuff. Potty training conjures up images of frustration, accidents and lots of stress. I really believe that parents need to approach potty training as the first major coaching activity of their parenting careers. It’s all about being gentle in how you motivate and influence your child to want to do something new.

Let me put it another way – pretty much EVERYTHING meaningful that your child will do in life will be driven by his or her own desire to do it. Kids don’t fall in love with baseball or music because they are forced to play. Kids don’t become passionate about health (and go on to become a doctor) because we MAKE them eat their greens and go to medical school later in life.

Sure – plenty of kids do things because parents apply pressure. But those kids never have the same self-driven passion as other kids who do things for their own reasons. I don’t want to go overboard in connecting the dots for you, because I think it’s pretty obvious. I hope you agree.

What this means to you is you’ll successfully potty train your child without stress, and you’ll get an amazing foundation in the skills of coaching your child. These skills will stay with you forever. And I think that’s important for so many of the things you’ll be teaching your child. Potty training is just the beginning, isn’t it?


Customer-Only Launch Pricing

Diapers and changing supplies cost you hundreds of dollars per year, so an investment in potty training pays off fast.

Even at $37 this book would save you a lot of money, and the coaching skills you’ll learn are priceless.

Here’s why I’m not charging $37 yet …

Besides the fact that I want to extend an awesome discount to my existing customers (that’s you), I haven’t finished recording the audio book version yet. That means I can give you an amazing price (only $8), and I can give you a FREE UPGRADE to the audio version for free once I finish recording it. The audio will be studio quality just like the Talking to Toddlers course you already bought from me.

Refund Policy: If this book doesn’t help you save at least 10x the price I’m charging, or if for any reason you are not totally satisfied – just email me for a quick and courteous refund. You can request a refund anytime up to 60 days after your purchase and there is nothing to return. Keep the book either way.

The reason I can make an offer like this is because I know you’ll love my new book. But for the few people who don’t like it for ANY reason … you’re protected by my refund policy. I’m all about simple, no-hassle experiences for my customers. You guys deserve to be treated well.

Click Here to Claim Your Copy for ONLY $8

YES Chris! I’d like to take you up on this awesome customer appreciation special launch price of $8 for “The Art of Potty Training: Strategy and Tactics for Low Stress Parenting”. I will download the ebook today (PDF format) and I look forward to getting my free upgrade to the audio version of the book when you finish recording it.

The Art of Potty Training book photo

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