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Update from January 2012: The audio version of this book is now ready. You will get BOTH formats as part of this offer.


Special Customer Offer (my new book)

Hi this is Chris Thompson and I want to congratulate you on your decision to invest in yourself with the Talking to Toddlers audio course. The feedback from my other customers has been tremendous so I know that once you learn these tools your parenting skills will be elevated to a whole new level. So I’m really excited to have you as a customer!

Before I send you to the download page, I want to quickly tell you about something brand new that I’m very excited about.

Most of my customers are parents of toddlers, obviously. I get a lot of emails from customers and one common theme has been potty training. It seems to be a real hot button for parents, and a huge source of stress.

The Art of Potty Training book photo
So after doing a lot of research I ended up writing an entire book called The Art of Potty Training: Strategy and Tactics for Low Stress Parenting.

My belief is that parenting is being a coach to your child. I don’t want this to sound like pressure, but the quality of your coaching has a huge effect on the development of your child. It effects things like their willingness to try new things, how hard they’ll try before quitting, their comfort in social situations, what they do about fear of failure, and how they respond when things don’t go their way.

And it just so happens that potty training is one of the first big things that you’ll be coaching your child to learn.

Sure, you were involved in helping your child learn to crawl, walk and talk. but for some reason parents attach a lot less stress to this stuff. Potty training conjures up images of frustration, accidents and lots of stress.

This is why I think it’s so important to potty train your child as a coach, not as an enforcer.

My new book solves the emotional difficulties of potty training a child … for you and for your child. The Art of Potty Training is a parenting coaching manual and a potty training manual all in one. That’s what makes it SO different from anything else on the market.

What this means to you is you’ll successfully potty train your child without stress, and you’ll get an amazing foundation in the skills of coaching your child. These skills will stay with you forever. And I think that’s important for so many of the things you’ll be teaching your child. Potty training is just the beginning, isn’t it?

OK … How Much?

Diapers and changing supplies cost you hundreds of dollars per year, so an investment in potty training pays off fast. Even at $37 this book would save you a lot of money, and the coaching skills you’ll learn are priceless.

But I won’t charge $37 today. That’s because I haven’t recorded it in audio format yet. Today I’m offering you the ebook in PDF format for a price less than most paperbacks. I’m only charging $8. AND, the cool part is I’ll still give you the audio version for free once I finish recording it (UPDATE Jan 2012 – the audio book is now finished and you’ll get instant access to this also.)

You also need to know that the refund policy for this offer is the exact same iron-clad policy as for the Talking to Toddlers course you just invested in.

If you’re not totally satisfied, just ask me for a refund anytime within 60 days of your purchase, and there’s nothing to return. Keep the book either way.

The way I’ve setup this offer is that you’ll only see this once. But it’s completely your choice. If you accept this offer $8 will be added to your bill. No need to enter your financial information again. Or you can decline this offer and go straight to the Talking to Toddlers download page.

If you are currently doing potty training or about to start, I think this will be an amazing investment for you. I know I’m biased, but the book is awesome. It’s some of my best work. And you’ve got an iron clad money back guarantee in case you don’t like it.

Update from January 2012: The audio version of this book is now ready, and will be delivered to you instantly when you accept this offer.

To Accept This Offer:

YES PLEASE – I would like to accept this offer. $8 will be added to my bill and I’ll immediately download The Art of Potty Training in addition to my purchase of Talking to Toddlers.

To Decline This Offer:

NO THANK YOU – I would like to decline this offer. Nothing will be added to my bill.

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