Potty Training Downsell 8

Would You Prefer JUST the e-book?

If you are unable to see the video for any reason, the text below says the same thing as the video. Feel free to read the text instead.


I realize some people don’t WANT the audio version of my new book.

This is the last quick interruption before sending you to the download page. You’ve elected to decline my offer for “The Art of Potty Training” in audio book version.

The Art of Potty Training book photoI realize that you may just not want to pay extra for the audio version of the book. If that’s the case you can add e-book only, with no audio version, for only $8.

Same 60 day guarantee. Same content. Lower price because there is no audio version included. The e-book comes in PDF format and can be read on any computer, kindle, other e-book reader or mobile device. You can also print it from a printer.

To Accept This Offer:

YES PLEASE – I would like to accept this offer. $8 will be added to my bill and I’ll immediately download The Art of Potty Training in e-book version only (PDF)

To Decline This Offer:

NO THANK YOU – I would like to decline this offer. Nothing will be added to my bill.

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