Review of the Total Transformation Program by James Lehman

I would like readers to know that I have published a review of a parenting program called “The Total Transformation” by James Lehman.

My parenting course, “Talking To Toddlers” is highly effective for the day to day problems that most parents face when dealing with young kids – typically ages 2 through 6 (even though the techniques remain effective well beyond those years, and I often get emails from customers telling me they used the techniques on adults with success).

That said – I fully acknowledge that when it comes to kids who are older than 6 and who are abusive and  obnoxious then you need to equip yourself with more than the language tools that I teach.  Essentially, what I teach parents to do is to use language as a tool to deal with what I’ll call *ordinary* problems that stress out parents.  When it comes to older children who are troubled, and are out of control, then I would not rely on my course alone.  You need a program that teaches you how to get your kids to solve their own problems.  James Lehman is an expert at this.

James Lehman has put together a tremendous program calld The Total Transformation.  I have gone through the entire program and I share my thoughts on it in my review.  Check it out here.

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