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The Big 4-Day Audio Book Completion Celebration

This is now OVER (but you can still order at regular pricing)

Please note this sale is for the digital download of both products.
You get INSTANT ACCESS and nothing is shipped.


I hardly ever put on a sale…

But I’m celebrating the completion of the audio book version of “The Art of Potty Training: Strategy and Tactics for Low Stress Parenting”. I’m in a particularly generous mood, and I wanted to give you a chance to get an amazing deal.

So … if you haven’t already picked up a copy of Talking to Toddlers (regular $37), this is the bargain you’ve been waiting for.

For a limited time only (ends Feb 6th), I’ll give you audio and ebook version of both my products for a huge discount.



Talking to Toddlers is your parenting toolbox. It teaches you how to use language in a highly effective way. You’ll quickly disarm tantrums before they start, and you’ll find yourself suddenly able to cope with so many of those difficult situations that currently cause you a lot of parenting stress. You get the audio course + the full PDF version of the course for reading. For more information about Talking to Toddlers explore the navigation tabs above, or visit this FAQ.





The Art of Potty Training book photoThe Art of Potty Training is your solution to low stress potty training and an amazing resource that sets you down a path of being a coach to your child. I wrote this book because parents were asking for my take on the problem, and nobody was teaching potty training as a coaching skill. Yet that’s exactly what it is. You need to have this skill throughout your parenting career, not just for potty training. You get the full audio book + the PDF ebook.









Order Now for Only $27

*** SALE ENDED ***

Regular price $64

IMPORTANT: Remember that these are digital downloaded products. Nothing is physically shipped to you. Everything will be instantly available for download immediately after your payment is complete. You will also receive a download link by email. All audio files are in the industry standard MP3 format, meaning you can play them on a computer, put them on an iPod or MP3 player, or you can make your own audio CDs.

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