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Free Video: Toddler and Child Behavior Tips

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You should watch the video first, but in case it doesn’t work in your browser, here’s the deal: I can teach you some really simple and powerful language skills to help you deal with toddlers and young kids. The techniques I teach are incredibly effective, and I have helped thousands of parents with the free lesson alone. Just enter your name and email address above.

Amazing Feedback from Parents of Toddlers and Young Children

I get a regular flow of email from parents who want to thank me for helping them. I’m including some of these comments below, with first names only. If you want to share your success, please email me: info(at)talkingtotoddlers(dot)com

“I found them so useful”

I have listened to all your audio lesson. I found them so useful. I have a son who has just turned 5 years last week. He has a behaviour problem and I feel out of control most of the time. Lately I have been using your tools and they really work. Now I can control his tantrums and I can calm him down quicker. Usually it is a nightmare now it is fun. You made me aware that children are special and it is a gift.

Sandra from Malta

“It worked for me”

Thank you very much for all your help this past week. I can’t deny that it did work for me. My child is different already – thank you. I mainly just wanted to find out if there was someone out there who really new how mothers feel and how hard it can be trying to raise a child. I will also recommend you to my friends who struggle as well. May God bless you for being there and helping others and blessing my life and my relationship with my dear little girl.

Zelda from South Africa

“Positive and very practical”

Thanks alot for your valuable communication techniques. My husband and I both liked it very much – I’m sure your techniques will be well accepted by most people because they are very practical. A positive way of saying things, simple yet a far better approach, which we can use in our everyday lives. Thanks a lot for this wonderful product.

Jessy from USA

Dealing with the Terrible Twos?

Parents who are dealing with the terrible twos often find that their kids are testing their limits. They don’t want to listen, they don’t want to do as they are told, and parents often fall into the trap of expecting kids to simply “fall into line”. Guess what? It doesn’t really work that way! I can pretty much assure you that if you are willing to learn a few simple language techniques then you can overcome the “terrible twos” quite easily. The stuff I teach you in my free audio lesson in a great way to get started.

Frustrated by Four Year Old Behavior?

When kids hit the age of 4 they typically have very well developed language skills, so they can communicate clearly. This means they can often be even more expressive when they don’t want to go along with your requests. But they have also had 4 full years to learn from their parents, who they spend a LOT of time with, so if you have the wrong language habits they’ll pick up on those. It’s best to start learning better parenting skills as soon as possible, and it’s certainly not too late!

For Parenting Children Six and up …

I created “Talking to Toddlers” for parents who have kids that are 2-6, even though a 6-year old is not really a toddler anymore. But all of the tools actually still work all the way through adulthood! It’s really only the examples and the specific language that I’m teaching that apply to young kids. For older kids (or even your spouse!) you just need to use a little bit of creativity and you’ll easily apply the exact same tools on them.

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