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Stop Raising Kids Who Make Excuses

By Chris Thompson

I am a big fan of James Lehman’s program called The Total Transformation. Lehman has such a great way of simplifying parenting problems down to the absolute basics that need to be fixed. He doesn’t add fluff or other garbage that isn’t needed. He may come across as one who pushes “tough love”, but I think the reality is that he pushes parents to raise kids who can come up with their own effective solutions to problems. If that requires tough love once in a while, I’m OK with that. The more important goal is to raise a competent child who can cope with life’s problems.

With that, I’d like to share with you a short video I made based on one of the important lessons James teaches in his program.

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Legacy Publishing, the people who sell the Total Transformation Program, currently have a free offer where you can get a copy of this fantastic course for free. There is a catch though! You have to fill out a customer survey in order to get it free. Otherwise you pay full price. My advice is to take the offer but make sure you are prepared to actually complete the survey. If you do, it’s an absolutely awesome deal. These are parenting tools that every parent really should have.

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