“So Easy to Follow”
Chris – I love this program! At first I was a bit skeptical that it would be manipulative but it actually is very compassionate and respectful and will maintain your dignity as well as your child’s. This program is so easy to follow: it is structured in a way that really helps parents learn not only what to do but how to do it in small bite sized chunks so that each layer adds another dimension of parenting skills.
The concrete examples make it easy to grasp how to apply these skills in a real situation. When parents are stressed, it is often easier to revert to whatever is in our existing toolbox, even when it is inappropriate. Your style of teaching, along with the homework exercises, makes it very simple to skill up and to implement new strategies even when we are feeling overwhelmed by the enormous responsibility of parenting.
Pinky McKay, Australia Author of “Toddler Tactics” and “Sleeping Like a Baby” http://www.PinkyMcKay.com.au
Pinky was one of the first people to ever review this program, and I was SO thrilled to get this feedback from her. It literally made my day to get this kind of confirmation from a recognized authority in the Australian market. It confirmed, for me, that nobody else is out there teaching the kind of language strategies that I teach!
“It’s become integrated into my day to day”
Dave provided an audio testimonial that I think does a wonderful job of describing exactly the type of problem that Talking to Toddlers solves. Dave speaks clearly about how he was looking for a toddler-specific program that he and his wife could use together, along with a specific experience of how Talking to Toddlers worked for him. If you catch yourself nodding in agreement with Dave’s way of thinking then you will love Talking to Toddlers.

Dave Valentine Winnipeg, Canada
“Your Guide is Almost Like a Magic Bullet”
Chris, I recently purchased your “Talking to Toddlers” mp3 and it was fantastic! Literally, this is not an exaggeration, but the same day I first tried presuppositions and double-binds, I saw a change in my relationship with my 2 year old son. In the week following, whereas before our relationship largely consisted of Dad the enforcer and toddler the oppressed (with lots of feelings of guilt and lots of tears respectively), we became closer, happier, and I really feel good about being a Dad now. Especially since I have the tools for guiding my son, but at the same time honoring his inherent rights to dignity and self-determination magic bullet. I continue to work through your lessons and apply the tools they provide.
Kelly Goyer Saskatoon, Canada
“Using the Techniques and LOVE Them”
Thank you for the toddler tips! I laughed in agreement as I read your most recent tip, which mentions Milton Erickson (whom I studied about as a Psychology major in college) and hypnotic commands. I know these things work. I am using the techniques you have been emailing me and LOVE THEM, they are working with my 3-yr-old boy. I strongly believe in power of suggestion and I am familiar with NLP, just hadn’t thought about it the way you presented it and I will now be telling my son stories using this technique.I can’t wait to hear all your other tips!
ReginaSaskatoon, Canada
“You Have Changed My Boy And My Life”
Chris – I bought your audio course two weeks ago. Let me tell you that you are my hero! I have a boy who is nearly 3 and he was driving me crazy to the point where I thought I failed as a mum. I’m only on lesson 6 and my boy is changing in front of my eyes. Your strategies really work and to my surprise when I test them on adults they work too! Thank you very much. You have changed my boy and my life on the whole.
Doris Malta
I still remember the day that I got this email from Doris. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of her to share with you, but she did send me an update later on, in reply to one of my regular emails. Here’s what she wrote:

“Hi Chris – I bought your audio course about a year ago and I’m still using your techniques with my 2 children! This audio course has a very special meaning to me as I was passing through a very difficult time and it helped me a lot. I’ll make sure to send this email with the wonderful offer to all my friends in Malta!”

Doris – if you ever ready this page, I want to tell you that these two emails I got from you really lit up my day. I felt incredible, and it put a huge smile on my face. In fact as I type this it’s all flooding back. Besides being able to run a business, THIS is the reason I put the whole course together!

“Heaven Sent. Improvements After First Lesson”
I have a 2 year old daughter who is going on 16. I was ready to pull my hair out and was tired of her telling me what to do and tired of yelling at her in return. Then I came across your course, which was heaven sent. I saw improvements after the first lesson. It was a miracle. I was waiting for her to fight back and then there was nothing. The conflict was resolved. Wow! Chris Thompson is the Toddler God indeed. This program was worth every single penny.
Rachel Turner Utah, USA
Rachel called me up in a bit of a frustration because she was having a hard time burning the MP3 files to audio CD and I helped her sort it out. She was recovering from a bad car accident and it was painful for her to sit at the computer for too long. I remember vividly that she was trying to follow my technical instructions but her 2 year old daughter kept interrupting her. I gave her some simple ideas designed to occupy her child’s attention for a few minutes. It worked, and we were able to finish our discussion. Rachel – I sincerely hope you’ve had a full recovery and are back to enjoying life to the fullest!
“Recommended Without Reservation”
Chris has done an excellent job in adapting NLP and Ericksonian patterns to the task of parenting. I recommend his product without reservation, not only to parents, but also to teachers, day-care workers and medical professionals.
Dr. Mike Mandel Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis Instructor for NLP Canada
Dr. Mike Mandel is unquestionably the biggest reason I’ve come to learn the skills that I’m now teaching. He was my teacher at NLP Canada and certified me as a Master Hypnotist. I’m lucky to count him among my closest friends.
“Easy to Implement. Gave Me Amazing Results”
I am a qualified child care worker with 20 years of experience in both Australia and the United Kingdom. This audio course is very valuable. I learned lots of new ways of interacting with the children that were easy to implement and gave me amazing results in just a few days. I highly recommend this course to parents and carers who regularly supervise children.
Helen R. Thompson Adelaide, Australia ChildLearningSupport.com
“Brilliant for increasing my skills and confidence”
My husband and I adopted two siblings. BIG learning curve as we were first time parents. We read a lot of stuff about how the kids would test boundaries but not have enough trust in us, etc. Plus a whole bunch of other stuff that just confused, and franky, terrified us (well, me). I ended up being angry towards the kids a lot of the time. I think a lot of the anger was because I didn’t feel confident in my parenting abilities. Your program has been brilliant for increasing both my skills and confidence. I really like that you understand that parents DO yell at their kids and can get REALLY frustrated – and you state that upfront. Clearly that will be the starting point for any parent purchasing the program and it was nice not to feel judged, simply understood.
Victoria Morrison Melbourne, Australia
“Usually it is a nightmare. Now it is fun”
Dear Mr. Thompson – I have listened to all your audio lessons. I found them so useful. I have a son who has just turned 5 last week. He has a behavior problem and I feel out of control most of the time. Lately I have been using your tools and they really work. Now I can control his tantrums and I can calm him down quicker. Usually it is a nightmare, now it is fun. You made me aware that children are special and it is a gift.
Sandra Leydon Malta
“I must say I am impressed”
As a very recent purchaser of your “Talking to Toddlers” audio, I must say I am impressed. I am a grandmother who is often helping out with the care of three very robust grandsons aged 2yrs, 3 yrs and 4 yrs (not from the same family). I have applied your first lesson and was absolutely delighted with the results from the 4 yr old. I was chuckling to myself, as my daughter is not aware that I purchased your audio. This particular grandson is fascinated with magic at the moment so I felt like I had performed a little magic myself. I will certainly persevere with your techniques
Rita Melbourne, Australia

I really want to thank everyone who’s written in with such amazing feedback. It is my pleasure to know that I’m helping parents enjoy their family rather than feeling stressed out.

If you’re considering purchasing the Talking to Toddlers audio course and you still have questions then please check out the Frequently Asked Questions Page.

Use the following link to get your own copy of Talking to Toddlers, so you can start taking control over those same situations that currently make you feel like your kids are out of control. Start smiling more with your kids. Laugh more, and enjoy life more. Remember you get the entire course for only $37 and it comes with 60-day money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason simply email me and I’ll give you a full (and courteous) refund.

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