The healthy alternative to these poisons in your fridge

I’m sure that you care about the health of your family. I sure do and I can’t imagine any parent NOT taking this seriously.

So when I saw this article written by Mike Geary, I knew I had to write a quick blog post about it suggesting you read it.

Here’s why this article is so important to read:

It helps you understand the 5 most dangerous condiments that you probably have in your fridge right now. It explains why they are unhealthy (and we shouldn’t feed them to our kids).

But it ALSO shows you 5 alternative HEALTHY condiments that you should use instead.
You might be surprised to see how often soybean oil is used in foods. You know why? It’s because soybeans are the commodity crop used to give cattle protein, along with corn (for carbohydrates). The byproduct of this industrial farming is a lot of excess soybean oil. So food manufacturers feed it to us. Not because it’s healthy, but because it is cheap.

As I read the article this morning I nodded along at every point that the author made. He and I definitely see eye-to-eye on this.

Please take the 2 minutes necessary to read this. You’ll be surprised by what you learn.

Enjoy your children (and your health!)

Chris Thompson

P.S. Make sure you noticed what I mention about soybean oil in the middle of this post. There is a reason it’s in almost every garbage condiment these days, and it has nothing to do with better health.

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