This Bubble Machine Was Incredible (seen at the park)

I took my kids to the park last night after dinner. There are a few parks in the area, but we went to one that is a bit of a long walk, and geared towards younger kids. My 3-year old loves the baby swings and always asks me to give her an “underdog”.

Anyway, as we showed up we saw this INCREDIBLE amount of bubble floating around the playground. Turns out they were coming from a bubble machine that one of the Mom’s brought to the park. All of the kids were flocked around this thing chasing the bubbles. They were having an absolute blast.

I checked out the machine because it looked like so much fun. It looked like this one here. This is definitely something I’m going to look for in my local toy store. Unfortunately Amazon doesn’t ship this stuff to Canada yet. I read the reviews and it seems to be pretty popular. There are also some cheaper options available, but those ones seemed to break sooner based on reviews I read.

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