Tips for a Safe Halloween

halloween safety

I was looking through several parenting blogs today. I enjoyed reading this particular post over at The author, Alicia Hagan, was writing about halloween safety tips.

Here are a few of her tips that I think are worth repeating.

  1. Make sure that your child’s costume isn’t too long. They could trip and fall.
  2. Make sure that children have full visibility when they are wearing any kind of mask.
  3. Check your children’s candy before they eat it.
  4. Know where your kids are going, if you aren’t going with them. If they have a cell phone make sure they have it on them so you can check in, or so they can get a hold of you in case of emergency.
  5. Set a curfew for your children so that you know when to expect them home and are not stuck wondering about their safety.
  6. Go over all the tips and rules for a safe Halloween with your children before they head out of the house.

Don’t you think these are pretty simple rules to follow? She points out that often parents get so excited about helping prepare costumes, that safety isn’t kept in mind.

Here are a few more tips I’ll add:

  • Be careful with candles. They may be small, but they are still a source of fire! Do not put them near curtains or mantles that could easily catch fire. Blow them out when you are not around. Better yet, use flashlights or light lights instead of candles.
  • Use child-friendly paint or washable markers for decorations. It might be just me, but I am also very wary of any paints or makeups that go on the skin that says “made in China”. Manufacturing is such a big business in China that I’m skeptical of the quality and (more important) the ingredients used. If you aren’t sure that it’s safe, do NOT put it on your child’s skin.
  • Be especially careful with pointed props such as swords, knives and wands. This is more of a risk with younger kids, so use your judgement.
  • Go out with your own kids. Take part in the fun! Enjoy it and build up those positive memories! If you can’t go with your own child, make sure you 100% trust whoever you send them out with.
  • For older kids – make sure to remind them that vandalism is unacceptable behavior. When I was a boy I knew lots of kids who would toilet paper cars, or houses, or smash pumpkins. A classmate even once threw an egg at our house. This kind of behavior is not OK. Halloween doesn’t make it an exception.

Have a safe and HAPPY Halloween everyone!

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