Your Preschooler Won’t Listen?

It’s really not that strange to discover that your preschooler won’t listen to you when  you’re asking him or her to do something, or to stop doing something, or to simply pay attention to you.  So what’s the fundamental problem?  Usually it comes down to entering your child’s world.

If your preschooler won’t listen and you’d like to change this behavior, then you need to learn how to build instant rapport with your child.  Instead of barking orders, start with a question that you know will engage and interest your preschooler.  Then subtly shift the discussion towards your request.

Kids react to emotional states the same way adults do.  If your preschooler won’t listen to you when you ask him to clean up his toys, it’s probably because he associates the clean up ritual to the end of having fun, or to the start of something unpleasant (such as having to go to bed).  Parents need to replace the unpleasant association with something the child looks forward to.  If clean up time is always followed by bedtime, and your preschooler doesn’t like bedtime, then it’s no wonder your preschooler won’t listen to you!

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